I had gone through Main Line Center for Bartending a year ago but did not have time to look for a job. So I came back a year later for a free refresher course. While I was in class one day a bartender called the school and needed a replacement ASAP. Since I was almost finished with the refresher and had completed the class before the director of the school gave me the job. I went, they liked me and I am working there still. Thanks to Main Line Center for Bartending, I have also found numerous private parties to work as well. The job is fun, the pay is great, but I never could have done it without the skills Main Line Center for Bartending provides. It is a wonderful school, the classes are filled with interesting people, and the instructors are very experienced in the subject. I would recommend Main Line Center for Bartending to anyone interested in Bartending. Thanks MLCB."

Lee S. past graduate

"I recently graduated from the Main Line Center for Bartending. Having very limited experience in the bartending world, I found this class to be exactly what I was looking for. I received many hours of invaluable, hands-on experience, behind the fully stocked wet bar on site at the school. The combined decades of experience the instructors have and implemented in their teachings, are absolutely invaluable. I learned tons of fantastic tricks of the trade...The instructors create a wonderful atmosphere that not only prepares you for any potential bartending position, but you'll also have a ton of fun in the process. The class was extremely affordable and paid for itself within my first month upon graduating. I also found the TIPS certification the school offers to be a fantastic resume builder. A close friend recommended this class to me, and I in-turn, would recommend this class to anyone thinking about starting a career in the bartending world. Do yourself a favor and signup for the next class!!"

Joshua C past graduate

"Main Line Center for Bartending was one of the best experiences of my life, to date. The atmosphere is relaxed, fun and welcoming. The instructors are some of the best people I know! The are attentive and make sure you are as comfortable as possible behind a bar. I am definitely someone who does not enjoy school, but every day I looked forward to my class at MLCB! Perhaps it was because I was learning about alcohol and who doesn't love that! On a serious note, they worked really hard after I graduated to help me find a job. I know I owe them big time, and I tell people about the school almost every day. Also, the night of on the job training at Spankey's was so much fun. I go back almost every week jost to hang out and meet the latest grads! I LOVE MLCB!!"

Jacqueline L. past graduate

I just wanted to to give you some great news! I landed a job at a country club near my home and I am thrilled. My first job was a wedding with 120 people. The two bartenders made $218 in tips along with our hourly pay. My boss is thrilled with me, my knowledge and comfort level, as I had never bartended before now. I have to thank you and my teachers at Main Line Center for Bartending for all that you taught me. The school is fabulous because when you begin working, you feel like you've already been there and done that. You guys are great and I have recommended your school to many, many people who have asked how I did it. Very sincerely, thank you!"

Ellie E. past graduate

"Awesome fabulous class! The instructors are great and they put you in real life situations. The teachers are very helpful and friendly. My first week out of the school I made $1200. No more bill collectors and a new tattoo!! Woo thanx. Main Line Center for Bartending is the best."

Elissa (Lee) C. past graduate

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