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Once you have received your bartending certification, you will have acquired a trade that you can carry with you anywhere. Bartending allows you the flexibility of working in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, resorts, casinos, and hotels across the globe. No matter where you go, there will always be plenty of bartending opportunities waiting for you.

The Main Line Center for Bartending’s Nationwide Job Placement Assistance Program helps graduates find bartending positions across the United States. The map above depicts a sampling of cities where Main Line Center for Bartending graduates have acquired jobs. Cities such as New York, LA, Orlando, Atlanta, Austin, and Memphis are just a few locations that our graduates have found employment.

Our job placement assistance program helps those graduates who are planning to move or relocate find a job in their new location. There are always positions available for bartenders seeking full or part time employment, and we are more than willing to assist our graduates in finding just the right job. Finding a job in an unfamiliar place can sometimes be a difficult task, however, with the help of our Nationwide Job Placement Assistance Program, getting a job will be easy.

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