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Flair bartending is the process of flipping, throwing, and catching bottles and bar tools while making drinks. This class is an optional class that we offer.

At the Main Line Center for Bartending, we offer a Flair class in addition to our one or two week course. Flair is something that should be taught after one has learned the basics of bartending and received a state license. Although Flair is both exciting and fun to learn, the main reason people practice Flair is to increase their tips. Learning Flair will allow you to impress your customers as you mix your cocktails with style and ease!

When people go out to a bar they are expecting friendly and attentive service, but a good bartender will always go the extra mile to impress and entertain their customers. Flair bartending done correctly will surely impress, and almost always increase your average tip!

During this 3 hour course, you will be introduced to the art of Flair, and learn the basic techniques of flipping, spinning, throwing and catching bottles and bar tools while in the process of making cocktails. Some bartenders will go on to compete in Flair competitions around the world, while others will simply use these skills to have fun and earn some extra money behind the bar. Regardless of what you plan to do with these skills, learning Flair will set you apart from the crowd and give you the tools to be the bartender that not only mixes drinks, but who people will be coming to see!

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